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EPISODE 282 - A Tribute To John Radio Russell

EPISODE 10 - Tribute to Ron Pedersen

EPISODE 17 - Tribute To Julian DeLuna

 EPISODE 358 - Craig Heesch, Lewis Martin, Rick Burns, Caesar, Alex Byrd, Michael Rose Band,, Harold Smith and Dick Lupino

EPISODE 361 - "Some Broadway" with Maureen Christine, Russ Loniello, Larry Higgs, Dorothy Paige Turner, Peter Oprisko, Mike Pizzuto and Johnny Faren

 EPISODE 359 - "Songs My Friends Dance To" - Jack Farina Big Band, Cary Sheley's Little Big Band with Diane Lewis, Mike Williamson with Julian DeLuna, Mike McIntyre and Bob DeVita, Narcy, Patsy Cline, The Moonlight Jazz Orchestra, Sam Cooke and Glen Miller

EPISODE 357 - "Latin Rythms" with Narcy, Andrinna, Julian DeLuna, Mike Williamson, Caesar, Jodi Beach, Cary Sheley's "Little Big Band" and the Shannagians Big Band

 EPISODE 220 - Our Friend Russ Loniello

EPISODE 301 - Our Friend Denny Diamond

EPISODE 292 - Michael Rose Band with Steve Lippia, Russ Loniello, Jodi Beach Trio, Cary Sheley's "Little Big Band", Dorothy Paige Turner

EPISODE 286 - Larry Higgs, Alex Bird, Joan Hammel, Trish Driscoll, Dave Timmcke, Ed Bogdonis, Paul Anka and The Ron Pedersen Trio 

EPISODE 314 - Some wonderful music artists including "Groove Hotel"

EPISODE 307 - Jodi Beach, Larry Higgs, Caesar, Maureen Christine, Cary Sheley's Little Big Band with Diane Lewis, Randy Schneeburger and Ken Stein

EPISODE 262 - Pastor & Mrs. Murray Hanson Retirement Tribute

EPISODE 282 - A Tribute To John Radio Russell

EPISODE 284 - Variety with Bob Mathews, The Ron Pedersen Trio, Mike Williamson, Julie London, Jimmy Cavello, Caesar and Reunion

EPISODE 279 - Patte Armato Lund, Bob DeVita, Rick Burns, Nat King Cole, George

Shearing, We Are Rockford

EPISODE 264 - Lovelace Watkins, Maureen Christine, Arne Fogel, Dorothy Paige Turner and Bee Gee Adair





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