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WTPB-LP Serving The Rockford Area!

Since October of 2003,  WTPB-LP (99.3 FM) has made available to the Rockford area a wonderful mix of inspirational and entertainment programming for the entire family through the ministry of Third Presbyterian Church. Whether you have listened through these years or have just discovered us, we hope to be a blessing to your days.

Third Presbyterian Church

Third Presbyterian Church is located on Rockford’s Northwest side, just 5 blocks north of the new Roundabout at North Main Street and Auburn, at 1221 Custer Avenue.You are invited to come visit Third Presbyterian Church on Sunday mornings and for activities during the week. On Sunday, the 9 AM Sunday School hour has activities and classes for all ages, including nursery age and adults! Worship is at 10:15 AM in the sanctuary. Pastor Stephen Bowie and the entire Third Presbyterian Church Family invite you!  For more information call the Church Office at (815) 962-7889 or visit the webpage at thirdpreschurch.com  Third Presbyterian Church’s Sunday worship is broadcast live on Sundays at 10:15 AM on 99.3 FM, WTPB-LP radio.  The service is re-broadcast on Wednesdays, also at 10:15 AM


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